Council installs cameras at fly-tipping hotspots in Bedworth

  Posted: 19.02.21 at 09:59 by The Editor

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As part of an ongoing commitment to tackle waste crime in Bedworth, the Waste Enforcement team at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has installed smart cameras in ‘hot spot’ areas where fly-tipping is a continuing issue.

The installation of the cameras has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic; now installed however, the cameras are designed to detect and ultimately prosecute offenders.

The council also intends to move the cameras around the borough to different areas of concern.

The smart camera installation programme forms part of NBBC's continued enforcement partnership with 3GS, who have been working with council officers to help detect and reduce waste crime in the borough.

Fly-tipping offenders risk an unlimited fine, a criminal record and even imprisonment if prosecuted.

Following an increase in waste collectors advertising via social media and other means, we would like to remind householders that they have a duty of care for their waste and should ensure relevant checks are made of any third party’s taking away waste for disposal, as if it ends up fly-tipped they are still liable for prosecution.

A number of fixed penalty notices have already been issued to those responsible for fly-tipping in the borough, as well as those who have given their waste to a third party - who have then gone on to fly-tip the waste.

Councillor Jill Sheppard, Portfolio Holder for Central Services and Refuse, said: “I am delighted to announce the installation of smart camera systems to help stop environmental crime.

"Most residents of the borough are responsible with their waste but unfortunately there are those out there who do not feel the law applies to them.

"This initiative is vital to our ongoing commitment to tackle illegal deposits of waste which continually impacts on our residents and visitors. Anyone detected carrying out environmental crime within our area can expect to be investigated and where appropriate prosecuted for their actions.”

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